3 Signs You Need a Fleet Washing Service

Are your fuel costs rising? Have a problem with late deliveries? Don’t put your truck maintenance off. These might be signs that you need a truck washings service:

  • Rising fuel costs. The Herald says that one of the most basic maintenance services includes having your truck regularly washed. However, if you’ve been skipping this for quite some time now, then it’s not a surprise to find your fuel costs spiking, That’s because the longer your trucks go without being washed, the thicker the layers of dirt, muck and grime get. These could pack up some extra heft. Heavier trucks, after all, need a lot of fuel to burn. That’s not the case with light trucks. So if you want to get your fuel costs down or even lower, make truck washings into a regular habit.
  • Slower trucks. The lighter your trucks are, the faster they’ll run. So if you’ve been having some delays lately, why not call for the services of a reliable fleet wash in Grand Prairie TX area

? While dried and caked layers of grime, mud and dirt often add a few more to your truck’s weight, that might not necessarily be the main problem. Though clearing those out will certainly help restore your truck’s speed. It could be as simple as a wheel problem. Caked mud on your wheels might compromise your tire’s ability to perform in the long run. By having your truck washed regularly, you’d be able to eliminate problems of this sort from coming your way in the future.

  • Missed deliveries. Because of the extra weight of your trucks or your compromised wheels, your fleet might be a bit hobbled and therefore, unable to finished the deliveries on time. Too much of these could get you in trouble with your customers, though. Hiring the services of a reliable fleet wash in Grand Prairie TX is a good way to stop this from happening. With regular truck washings, your fleet will run faster while burning off less fuel.

If you think your trucks have been having a string of problems lately, don’t panic. It might just be time to have your trucks washed again. So don’t put those maintenance services off, thinking you’re saving your business a few dollars. You might not be fully aware you’re doing it at the expense of other equally important things. For information on how to hire a fleet wash in Grand Prairie TX, visit Clean-Tex.