3 Sound Reasons You Need a Mobile Fleet Wash Service

You deal with a lot of risks when you’re on the road. It only makes sense to make sure you reduce that risk, that you drive it down to ever lower levels with preventative measures. Your truck’s maintenance is one such preventive measure. The Herald says that cleaning is part of the basic maintenance your trucks should be subjected to on a regular basis. Here’s why:

  • Cleanliness is a safety measure. One of the major causes of on-road collisions and accidents is poor visibility. The risk is higher with dark-colored trucks that drive at night. However, aside from putting in light signals to let other passengers know your trucks are there, when your trucks are regularly cleaned, they have surfaces that reflect light better. That helps ensure your visibility on the road, alerting fellow drivers to your presence.
  • Lighter is better. Another good reason to hire a mobile fleet wash service is to take advantage of the cost-savings. How? While some layers of dirt and dust are less than a fraction of an inch thick, that’s not always the case. Rough driving environments often ensure your trucks come back with inches of dried mud and grime on the tires, the hood, the body of your truck. By washing those off, you also lessen the load on your car, particularly on your wheels. Imagine doing the same for all your trucks. Not only will your wheels last longer, you can also look forward to lower fuel costs. Light trucks, after all, need less fuel to run.
  • Strengthens your reputation. Clean trucks always look good to clients. It’s part of really great customer service. Awesome customer service teaches you that it’s vital to make sure your trucks provide your clients with the service they deserve. And part of what they deserve are clean, well-performing trucks that deliver the goods—and deliver them on time, if not earlier. By making sure your trucks are clean wherever they are with mobile truck washing services, your clients will remember that level of attention, that professionalism and won’t hesitate to recommend you to people in their circle who might, one day, need your services as well.

In the end, the service is convenient, cost-effective, and helps keep you safe on the road. Those are all sound reasons to give fleet washing a shot. Know more about mobile fleet wash services in Dallas, TX area by visiting Clean-Tex.