4 Ways a Mobile Fleet Washing Service Helps You

Vehicle maintenance is necessary. It’s a preventive measure that helps improve the road safety of your trucks and staff. One such measure is having your trucks washed on a regular basis. The Herald looks on these as a part of basic maintenance services for vehicles. Don’t think it’s important? You might want to rethink that stand. Here’s how hiring a mobile fleet washing service can help you:

  • Less dirt, more reflection. When your trucks are caked with mud and grime, it can undermine the reflective surface of your trucks. While that isn’t necessarily a problem, reflective surfaces do contribute a lot to ensuring your visibility on the road. If your lights get busted, you can count on that reflective surface to help you get from passing drivers without being hit or involved in a collision.
  • Less grime, greater clarity. A good mobile fleet wash in Grand Prairie tx area would be handy in keeping your windshields clear. In many cases, cracked or dirty windshields can prove dangerous. Road accidents often happen in a split second. Clear windshields allow you to respond to accidents that much faster, giving you that split second needed to swerve the car and avoid that suicidal squirrel or step on the brakes so you won’t mow down those slow-moving pedestrians this morning.
  • Less muck, more funds. One great thing about having your truck regularly washed is that you get to pocket some cost savings in the process. It’s subtle though. That’s because the thicker the dirt or muck on your wheels or truck’s body, the more heft and weight it adds to your fleet. It’s a basic known fact of life that heavy trucks burn more fuel while lighter trucks are able to run on less. So imagine if you eliminated every last inch of muck, every dirt particle, from your fleet. Imagine the fuel and cost savings you’d get.
  • Less dirt, better delivery times. Since lighter trucks are faster, you can achieve so much more with less. That means your fleet can nix the long delays and speed up your delivery times, creating happy customers in the process. And because the washing service is mobile, you can have the service done anywhere you like.

With a mobile truck washing service, you can certainly look forward to a ton of benefits. For information about a mobile fleet wash in Grand Prairie tx, or a truck washing service based in Grand Prairie TX, visit Clean-Tex.