Clean-Tex Fleet Wash Services in Arlington, TX - Truck Washing

Clean-Tex has been serving Arlington, TX since 1978 as one of the top heavy equipment cleaning businesses in the Metroplex. We understand the significance of having commercial equipment that is both clean and well maintained. That is why Clean-Tex offers premium, low cost mobile fleet wash services for fleets and heavy equipment of all shapes and sizes and for most industries.

The fact is that quality and expense matter. Our simple and standard onsite, low-cost fleet washing and power cleaning options are specifically crafted to fulfill the daily requirements of heavy equipment and fleet owners. Offering some of the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art mobile washing systems available, our power washing services are both environmentally friendly and extremely efficient. Clean-Tex concentrates on delivering high quality work with rates that are competitively priced for a hot water cleaning service. The strategies we use in each fleet wash adhere to even the most rigorous policies and guidelines established by the EPA, including water reclaiming whenever possible.

Our mobile truck washing and power cleaning includes:

  • Tractor trailers
  • Small and large bobtails
  • Tankers
  • Box trucks
  • Pickup trucks and vans
  • & More

Our additional services consist of:

  • Heavy equipment
  • Engine de-greasing
  • Oil spill cleanups
  • Steam cleaning
  • Fuel islands and pads

We offer free quotes and are available for your power washing needs in Arlington, TX (near Grand Prairie) and the surrounding DFW Metroplex by calling (972) 602-7000. We know you will be impressed with both our quality and attention to detail so please give us a call for all your fleet and heavy equipment cleaning needs.


Hassle Free Power Washing 24/7

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